About the Sensei


Master Casale's involvement in the martial arts began as a teenager in the early 1960's. His interest in Karate and Kung-Fu became infectious. He trained 7 days a week sometimes at different dojo's and was exposed to a variety of hard and soft styles.

Master Casale finally found the one style that worked for him at the "Chinatown Dojo" in New York City, run by Grand Master Peter Urban. Casale was overwhelmed with Grand Master Urban's wealth of knowledge and powerful charisma. Casale found himself a home at the dojo as he trained day and night with some of the best and famous martial artists in the country. Under Grand Master Urban, Casale has earned the rank of 10th Dan.

When Master Casale moved to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and with the guidance of Grand Master Urban, opened Mountain Dojo Martials Arts in Dingmans Ferry, PA. After 37 years and thousands of students, Mountain Dojo is recognized as one of the best dojo's in the north east. Master Casale's wealth of knowledge in the martial arts and in the Chinese healing arts and his emphasis on looking good feeling good and living longer has personally helped thousands of men and women of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds to look, feel and perform at their very best.

Master Casale has developed comprehensive programs tailored to meet all health and fitness goals. Sensei Casale currently holds the record for the most medals ever won in the Pennsylvania State Olympic games in Martial Arts competition, 12 of which are gold. In January of 2001, Master Sensei Casale was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his unparalleled contribution to the Martial Arts as a competitor, a Master Sensei and a world class personal Trainer.

Master Casale, as a competitor, set the Martial Arts world on Fire by fighting his way to the top, breaking more records and winning more titles than most martial artists in the country. As a certified master trainer, Master Casale has helped thousands of athletes from all over the globe to realize their potential and reach new levels of performance. Master Sensei Casale is an associate member of The American College of Sports Medicine and teaches that with the right attitude and a healthy lifestyle, "nothing is impossible".

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